Privacy Policy

I – Hua Yang, Owner of MandarinVoice – take your privacy very seriously, but in the interest of transparency, I will write some important points.


I will never sell your contact information, or share it with others, for any purpose other than to conduct our mutual business.

I will never share with third parties any confidential proprietary information that you provide for the production of voiceover services, except as may be required by law.

Where appropriate, and with your permission, I like to share examples of my work on my website and social media channels, in order to help promote my business. Where the material is already in the public space (e.g. YouTube) I will generally interpret this to mean that sharing is OK unless I’m told otherwise.


I may use third-party cookies (from reputable companies) to help me analyze how this website is used, in order to keep the website running smoothly, and to deliver the best possible experience.

I am currently using services from the following companies, who help me improve my website experience through the use of cookies:

  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress


Your connection to this website is encrypted using SSL (providing that you’re using a browser that supports an HTTPS connection). Emails sent directly to my email address are not encrypted (beyond whatever encryption may be provided by your ISP or email service provider).

If you need to send confidential and proprietary materials, or other information you would prefer to keep private, please contact me first – or send your information as an encrypted and password-protected ZIP file.

Revised 1st of August 2021
All Rights Reserved